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More than an exquisite culinary experience

The best fresh products

Experience a variety of homemade courses made with the best fresh products and prepared for all tastes
Our close service to customers will cover you into an ocean of sensations that would make your visit an unforgettable experience. Courses manufactured with fresh and natural products to all palates. In our Kitchen we are keen on offering different kind of alimentation on our Menus since we are aware of the use of healthy ingredients and exquisite as well, and by that we pride ourselves in our cooking work offering vegetarian cuisine, Vegan and gluten-free dishes, healthy and delicious options to share.

We can savour all sort of flesh and fish extracting its maximum essence, pasta, salads and homemade sauces with a unique texture and taste. Gourmet Cuisine with natural elaborations provoking a sublime experience to all palates. The menu offers an Oriental, Asian and European cuisine fusion combined to a wise mix of colours and tastes. Delicious breakfasts inspired by other traditional breakfasts worldwide.

For children, we offer a well prepared and thought elaborations to enjoy their dishes, without forgetting our exquisite homemade desserts and a careful wine champagne and cellar selection.

Besides, La Plaza restaurant is an unbeatable locale to all kind of events and celebrations, elaborating Menus on each special occasion and personalizing each special moment.